What is Taurus?

April 20th through May 20th is one of the most enchanting zodiac timeframes and belongs to none other than Taurus. Taurus is the month of the bull, which is governed by Venus. Taurians are extremely erotic and desirable, making them excellent lovers and partners. Descendents of Taurus are extremely happy when they are being pampered in a life of luxury.

Taurus’s element is Earth, meaning it is stable and constant in nature. This goes along with the fixed state of Taurean’s sign as well. Green and pink are the two main colors for this zodiac sign, which correlate perfectly with its days of the week: Friday and Monday.

Taurus’s horoscope is led by the planet, Venus. Therefore, it is no great surprise that Scorpio and Cancer are the most compatible signs with Taurus. When it comes to special dates, lottery tickets, or any significant numbers, Taurus’s lucky numbers are 2, 6, 9, 12, and 24.

Taurus’s Personality

Since Taurus’s astrological sign is a fixed sign, it means that they are more stable in nature. This means they are highly predictable in nature and extremely devoted to others. This makes them wonderful partners, friends, and employees to link arms with. However, there are times where Taurus can be mistaken for being too bullheaded and relentless.

Because of this quality of occasional stubbornness, Taureans may find themselves in compromising situations. Their dedication and loyalty are often so unwavering that it can cause them to become stuck in potentially detrimental circumstances such as bad marriages, toxic jobs, or draining financial situations. Aside from this tendency, Taurus is praised for its ability to remain a rock in most relationships.

When you walk into a Taurean’s house, you will find glamour and beauty in every corner. They are obsessed with beauty and are not willing to risk aesthetics for convenience. Although they enjoy life’s pleasures, they are not prone to wasting away every penny to make their dreams happen. They are a fixed sign, making them practical in their decision-making process.

Although Taurus is an overall peaceful and endearing personality, they are aggressive when provoked. However, this personality trait does not come from a place of malice. Rather, it comes from a protective standpoint to ensure that their posterity is not under any type of dangerous threat.

Taurean Romance

If you want to physically please a Taurus, they are the happiest when they are massaged. Places of great pleasure include the neck, shoulders, and upper body. Their love language is touch and gifts, so they adore back and neck rubs. A soft, sensual kiss on the neck is irresistible to Taureans and they are easily seduced with luxurious pleasures.

While Taureans love to be pleasured and seduced with beautiful things, they are equally talented at reciprocating the charm and allurement back to their lovers. Compatible signs will crave more attention from Taurus because it is so eloquently given and tends to make people feel loved and stable in their relationship with Taurus. Although Taureans are great lovers, they are not willing to adventure outside of their comfort zone when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom. Zodiac signs who are less compatible with Taurus may find issues with this in their sexual relationship.

A weak point for Taureans in most relationships is the fact that they are often perceived as too possessive simply because of their strong loyal traits. This can usually be bypassed by Taurus’s romantic partners with a few simple solutions. Taurean’s significant others find relief from Taurus’s need for security by simply letting Taurus know when they are going somewhere and when they expect to be back. Open lines of communication and planning are key components to keeping Taureans happy. Taurus is a hard-working and reliable sign; however, they do not like to feel the slightest bit insecure.

Stable family life is important to Taureans, so a relationship or marriage where family is not involved will likely cause problems for Taurus. They desire a life of harmony and the ability to frequently see the ones they love. Relationships with Taurus are bound for complications if there are problems between family or friends. They are typically uncompromising with their desired future plans of where they will live, how many children they want, and who they associate with once they are in romantic relationships. They will usually choose their loyalty to family and lifelong friends before a romantic relationship, which is uncertain.

When it comes to Taurus’s highest level of compatibility, they are often found to withstand the test of time with a handful of signs. The signs with which Taurus finds the greatest compatibility are Libra, Pisces, and Virgo. It has been said that these three signs could even lead to the discovery of a soulmate within Taurus!

Taurus and Friends

If there are bright night lights, sensual music, chic clothing, and fancy cars, you will most likely find Taurus nearby. They are like bugs who are attracted to bright lights. They enjoy activities that bring out their sensuality and allow them to express themselves through dance or music. Taureans also enjoy visualizing their talents in the tangible world, so cooking and gardening are among some of their favorite hobbies. It is not uncommon to spot a Taurus knee-deep in gardening soil while keeping it chic with designer gardening attire!

When it comes to friendship with a Taurus, they are a ride-or-die type friend. Their loyalty is unsurpassed, but they do not take kindly to criticism. Once they sense that a friend is too flaky with plans or is deceiving them, they will cut ties with that friend quickly. This is due to their abhorrence towards instability. Taureans do not like feeling insecure, so they will only surround themselves with friends who are loyal and compatible. If there are plans to go to a restaurant or social outing with which Taurus may feel uncomfortable, they will bail.

Taurus’s most ideal trait is the fact that there is no second-guessing how they feel towards their friends or love interests. They do not beat around the bush and make their true intentions known from the get-go. The best part about Taurus is that they actually stick with their true intentions, unlike other signs. It can be easy to confuse the intentions of many astrological signs, but it is incredibly rare that a Taurus will cause deception.

Taurus as an Employee

Taureans are heavily underestimated when it comes to their work ethic. Many mistake them for lazy or high maintenance; however, they will work to earn what it takes to afford a lifestyle that suits their needs. They are also judged for spending large amounts of money, but in reality, they have a sweet nest egg of savings built up. This is because retirement is important to these peaceful oxen. Taurus’s sign is the bull, so although they enjoy basking in the sun, they also know the value of a hard-earned dollar. Their ambition makes them perfect for a Wall Street atmosphere that is accompanied by a Gatsby-esque lifestyle.

Taureans thrive when they see their work efforts come to fruition. Therefore, they crave performance reviews that both give them praise and direction. They are not fond of unstable environments when it comes to sales. If they are going to work in a high-risk atmosphere, they must be able to predict their earnings or at least be able to move up in ranks. They do not like working under unpredictable work timelines, so crazy workplaces are not a compatible situation for Taurus. However, if there is a prize or commission involved in the task, you can bet Taurus will pull through.

Because of their desired loyalty and firmness, Taurus is an ideal candidate for higher positions, such as management. They are trustworthy enough to handle both confidentiality and money, making them wonderful bankers, executives, directors, accountants, or financial advisors. On the flip side, they also possess an artistic side that creates a window of opportunity in the performing arts. Taureans also like to work with their hands, so master chef, gardener, or hairdresser are potential titles for Taurus as well.

Herbal Remedies for Taurus

When it comes to medical astrology, Taurus is all about incorporating herbs and other healing elements into their everyday routine, such as cooking. It is firstly important to limit the intake of sugar and processed or refined carbs for Taureans, especially since they are in need of stability in their bodies. Insulin spikes are not good for anyone, but especially for Taurus. Their bodies do not cope well with hormone or blood sugar imbalances

Some favorite herbs for Taurus are basil, Ashwagandha, and Eleuthero. These are all-natural remedies that contribute to healthy thyroid levels, which are controlled by Taurus. Because of their desire for balance and natural remedies, one will often find a Taurus perusing around a local farmer’s market or the organic produce section in grocery stores.

Taurus Life Goals

As one of the most dependable and loyal signs in the astrology chart, Taurus’s main ambition is to rise up in their career. Moving up within a company after many years and even seeking retirement is a huge dream and life accomplishment for Taureans. They dream of living lavishly retired with a sense of loyalty after a lifetime career with a promising company.

A lifeline marriage is also among the top goals for Taurus. Although they value life’s luxuries, it is all for nothing if there is no soulmate to enjoy it with!