Aries Zodiac Sign

One of the most ambitious types of zodiac signs is the ram, which is the first listed sign. It belongs to none other than, drumroll, Aries. The Aries personality fits this description completely, as they are always the first to jump into responsibilities and competitions with their fiery and tenacious spirit

General Aries Information

The 2021 dates for Aries fall between March 20th and April 19th. Fire is the main element for this zodiac sign, while its modality is the cardinal. The Aries’s ruling planet is Mars, so it is no wonder they are associated with other fire signs. In the Aries sign, Mars is in battle mode. Mars draws signs to reconnect with its most primordial and heroic state. Aries closely coordinate with Sagittarius and Leos, as they are an aggressive and wistful lot.

The Aries house is first and their significant body part is the head. The Aries Tarot card is mostly known to be an Emperor. Their significant colors are mustard and red, which are closely related to their fiery spirit.

The ram symbol that correlates with Aries is first in the zodiac constellation. The ram is linked to ancient times in horticulture and agriculture as well as shepherd gods. The ram is also closely associated with Amon-Ra, the Egyptian god of fertility and inspiration. The name Aries comes from the Greek word “Ares,” which was the Greek god notorious for battle.

The Aries season is spring, which is appropriate for such a vivacious and lively personality. This sign is much needed, as it signifies the new life and rejuvenation which comes after harsh wintertime. Aries also shares the planet Mars with Scorpio, although the two are vastly different.

In general, Aries does not like to be bothered with tasks that feel wasteful or arduous. While they are eager to begin tasks, they are quick to abandon ship the minute frustration or boredom begins.

Aries Personality Traits

While the Aries sign tends to jump into things without prior forethought or experience, they are described by astrologists as necessary leaders who are willing to take risks. Other signs, on the other hand, are not as brave or spontaneous. Instead of learning from other’s mistakes, Aries lives with a failing forward mentality. They might fail, but they persevere. With this mindset, Aries rarely regards the needs and safety of others, which can lead to self-serving habits.

Although this sign is quick to fall in love and will do so with a raging passion, they are even quicker to win an argument. Just like the ram, they are a force to be reckoned with. They will never sugar coat their feelings towards a situation or person, which can cause more sensitive signs to feel reluctant when they see conflict arise. Other signs are advised to beware of the Aries hot temper; however, the Aries personalities are easily calmed down once they are given some time alone. It can be difficult for Aries to keep a large social circle around them, as they are frequently misunderstood. This personality trait is harsh, but it is outweighed by their joyous and sprightly spirit.

Aries excel in activities where they are allowed to be competitive, especially physical sports. They become irritated and antsy if they are left without a challenge for too long and will create new forms of entertainment for themselves if they feel bored. When it comes to the professional world, they must have accolades and the ability to feel like they are utilizing all of their skills and expertise.

Aries Romantic Tendencies

When it comes to romance and relationships, Aries is never shy! They are extremely forthcoming with their feelings with little hesitation. While they dote over their romantic partners, they often neglect their self-worth and ensuring that the feelings are reciprocated. They are lusty creatures who constantly desire sexual gratification.

While passion and ecstasy are regarded as talents in the bedroom, Aries often get carried away and might neglect the true feelings of their partner, solely focusing on the physical aspects of the relationship. Taking the time to learn about their partner or accommodating their needs can require too much patience of an Aries, leading them to anger or boredom with the relationship. Aries typically do not thrive in relationships with Libras, which are complete opposites from Aries.

Since Aries are notorious for their competitive and autonomous nature, they often veer away from personalities who are too weak or too overbearing. The Aries man is highly attracted to partners who are out of his league. He will do anything to win over his mate, but if she gives in too soon, the chase is over and he will find a new quest for love. In order to attract the eye of an Aries man, one must appear attractive, yet elusive. The mystery will draw in the Aries and allow him to pursue his love interest. Once the Aries man has found his match, he must feel like he is the winner from time to time, whether it be in arguments or the bedroom. Although an Aries man will be argumentative and pushy at times, he does not need a partner to always back down and submit. This will lead to his ultimate boredom with the “chase.” This may cause passionate and heated arguments, but there is usually a rewarding form of making up later on.

Similarly, Aries women are equally difficult to attract and tie-down. These women are incredibly independent and will not settle down in spirit for the average man. The prospective partner must appeal to her sense of adventure and passion, as she is already pursued by many other people. Her energy is infectious and most people are immediately attracted to an Aries woman. Aries women seek attention from lovers but rarely stick around to form any type of relationship with meaning. Once she finds a partner with whom she desires to stay with, she can become possessive and controlling. This can lead to relationship downfalls if her partner is not patient enough to stick with it. Contrary to Aries men, an Aries woman doesn’t mind having a partner who is equally as powerful as her. She doesn’t have to win every competition, but she does need to feel like her partner is on the same frequency as her.

When it comes to romantic relationships, most signs are immediately attracted to Aries. Unfortunately, there are some signs with which Aries is limited when it comes to strong compatibility. Aries are extremely compatible with Libra, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Gemini.

Aries in the Social World

Aries’s social skills are built early on in life with their families. Most Aries are aware of their direction in life in early childhood, which can prove to be a difficult concept for some parents who may wish for a different future for their children. Aries can be perceived as challenging children for parents who do not know how to deal with the strong-willed child.

When parenting an Aries child, it is important to provide bountiful comfort, affection, and attention, or they will have trouble reciprocating that in their adult relationships. Aries children thrive with challenges but do not always respond well to strict rules. Letting Aries feel like they have freedom and competition is a healthy approach to parenting.

Aries is quick to meet and befriend people, but these encounters tend to be short-lived, as Aries quickly dismiss people with whom they become discontented. However, they are loyal to their true friends. The success of the Aries friendship might have something to do with their blunt honesty while still remaining playful and joyous in nature.

Aries avoids friends who try to compete or win in the friendship. They do not like to be outshined or out of control. They are compatible with easy-going and less confident signs, although they are usually initially attracted to strong-willed people because they see it as a competition to be won. These friendships usually do not last once the Aries feel like the chase is over.

On the flip side, Aries can have trouble attracting lasting friends if they are too assertive. Aries have the tendency to come off as too needy or controlling at the beginning of friendships, as they might request to hang out too often or come off as too forward with their feelings. While many signs respect this and appreciate Aries’s honesty, some can feel overwhelmed with such a fast and tumultuous friendship. A wise Aries will tone down their approach when they sense that a new acquaintance is on the quiet side or is hesitant towards their advances.

Aries in the Workplace

It is no surprise that most Aries are extremely successful in the workplace, as they are natural self-starters and go-getters. Any career which involves a steadfast and persistent attitude suits Aries. Aries loves a sales-centered work environment, as the challenging atmosphere and competition drive them to succeed beyond their peers. They also gravitate towards careers that send an adrenaline rush such as first aid response positions. Some other typical careers where you will spot an Aries are professional sports, real estate, management positions, law enforcement, or healthcare.

When it comes to team sports or work projects, Aries usually takes the lead. They are happy to lead alongside a companion, but only if their counterpart exudes courage and determination. If Aries perceives their partner is lacking in fortitude, they will take over the project and refuse help.

A major driving force for Aries to work so hard is their money spending habits. If they have a meaningful and competitive reason to save money, they will. However, their relationship with money is similar to their romantic relationships: fast and fleeting. They will purchase an item of any amount if it catches their eye. Paying for the object is no issue though, as they are willing to put in the work to compensate for their spending behavior.

Health and Herbs for Aries

When one peruses through Zodiac signs, herbal remedies are not always the first result to appear. However, there are a few main herbs that will greatly benefit Aries in times of medical need. If Aries is struggling with unevenness in hormones or health, stinging nettles are a plant under Mars’s rule. Naturally, the benefits of stinging nettles include reducing inflammation and purifying blood. Another favorable treatment for Aries is aloe vera. Since Aries is a fire sign, aloe vera can quickly counter the heat of the Ram. Since Aries are a wild personality, they are often subject to cuts and scrapes, so aloe is an essential medicine to have on hand. Juice from this plant is also extremely healing for Aries and can help prevent bursts of erratic behavior. Many Arians are prone to headaches, migraines, and sinusitis. Peppermint provides a helpful cure for Aries and works wonders when applied topically to pressure points on the body including the temples, earlobes, back of the neck, and soles of the feet.

Some other beneficial plants for Aries include basil, chervil, wormwood, and geranium. When cooking, there are several herbs which Aries can incorporate into their dishes. Garlic is one of the main ingredients that is commonly used, but it is also ruled by Mars. Garlic has several health benefits, but its anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for Aries.

Aries Aspiration

The famous mantra of Aries is the phrase “I am.” Although it may seem vague to some, it is the essence of Aries. The bold statement “I am” coins the Aries’ strong and individual personality. Aries arm themselves with this phrase as they blast through life’s ambiguities with certainty and confidence in their abilities.

The Aries way can be influential in the house of Aries for signs who are in need of strength and motivation to move through life with ambition. Whether it is gaining strength through competition or creating a trail of leadership for others to follow, there is no doubt that the Aries sign lives up to its full mantra.

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