Natal chart houses meaning

The natal chart houses represent different areas of life and can give us insight into our personality, relationships and life paths. In a natal chart, the houses are divided into twelve sections, each with its own meaning and symbolism. The first house is typically associated with the self, second house with resources, third house with communication, fourth house with family, fifth house with creativity and fun, sixth house with work and health, seventh house with relationships, eighth house with transformation, ninth house with higher learning, tenth house with career, eleventh house with hopes and dreams, and twelfth house with secrets and spirituality.

Each house in the natal chart has its own meaning, and together they tell a story about the person’s life. Looking at the placement of the planets in each house can give us an understanding of the individual’s personality, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This can provide us with an understanding of our purpose in life, as well as a roadmap for achieving our goals.

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