Natal chart in houses

A natal chart in houses is a map of where the planets were located in the sky at the time of a person’s birth. The chart is divided into twelve sections, or houses, that represent different areas of life. The first house is associated with the self, the second house with money, the third house with communication, and so on. Each house is associated with a sign of the zodiac, and the planets located in that house are said to influence the person’s life in that area.

The placement of planets in the houses of a natal chart provides insight into a person’s character, relationships, and life path. It can be used to gain insight into various aspects of a person’s life, such as career, health, relationships, and spiritual development. Astrologers use the natal chart in houses to make predictions and interpretations about a person’s future.

In order to create a natal chart in houses, a person’s exact birth date, time, and location must be known. Once these details are known, an astrologer can create the chart and interpret its meaning. It is important to remember

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