Natal chart interpretation

A natal chart interpretation is the process of discovering one’s life path and purpose through the evaluation of the astrological birth chart. This chart is a map of the sky at the exact time and location of a person’s birth, and is used to gain insight into the person’s character, relationships, and destiny. The chart is divided into twelve sections, known as houses, which represent different areas of life, such as finances, relationships, and career. Each house is associated with a particular sign of the zodiac, which can provide further insight into the individual’s traits and life journey.

When interpreting a natal chart, an astrologer will look at the placement of the planets in relation to the houses and signs of the chart. The natal chart interpretation will also consider the aspects between the planets, which can indicate how different parts of the individual’s life interact with each other. Additionally, the astrologer will take into account the position of the sun, moon, and other important points in the chart, which can provide further insight into the individual’s character and life path.

Overall, the natal

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