Sagittarius zodiac sign

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is a symbol of endless optimism, and it is often considered the most philosophical of all the Zodiac signs. The Sagittarius sign could also be one of the most entertaining when they’re not busy philosophizing. They have a certain tendency to be happy-go-lucky and always see the light at the end of the tunnel. They are open-minded and like to try new things. In addition, they enjoy thinking about life’s deeper meanings. While cautioning the wind, the arrow in the sky implies that Sagittarius is on us with love, support, and understanding.

The Archer
When you meet a Sagittarius zodiac sign, the chances are that they will share their interests with you. They’ll tell you what they admire and dislike about their lives. This is because this particular zodiac sign has an amazing ability to listen. It helps them understand other people much better than others. It becomes part of their personality. If you ask them to do something good for you, they won’t hesitate to ask for your help and share ideas with you.

They are very creative and intelligent people who can think outside the box. They are known to be spontaneous and adventurous. Their imagination knows no boundaries. To Sagittarius, anything is possible due to its limitless imagination.

Planetary ruler: Jupiter
Having been ruled by Jupiter, this planet of levity and luck, Sagittarians are said to be buoyant, optimistic, friendly, cheerful, and witty. They are enthusiastic and generous as well. However, these traits don’t just belong to the Sagittarians alone but also all those born under the influence of Jupiter. As such, many benefits come from being a Sagittarian. Here’s how to get the best out of this wonderful astrological sign with Joviality Secrets.

What makes Sagittarius stand out among the rest?
Sagittarius stands out due to its freedom-loving nature. Unlike the others who tend to adhere to rules and regulations, Sagittarians believe in living each day to the fullest. One doesn’t need to worry about getting stuck within routines or obligations because they know that nothing can stop them from achieving what they want in life. Hence, they are free to live their own lives without restrictions. Not only will they succeed in accomplishing what they wish to achieve, but they will also become successful in every aspect.

Sagittarian personality traits
There are two types of Sagittarians, the positive and the negative ones. Although they might look similar in character, they differ in terms of emotions. Positive Sagittarius is full of joy, while negative Sagittarius tends to harbor anger, frustration, and negativity. Either way, both types will make sure that their friends and family members are happy.

Sagittarians are easygoing people because they are generally carefree. While it takes work to create an environment that allows someone to get angry and disappointed, they won’t bother doing so. Instead, they would rather keep their feelings bottled up inside until they feel comfortable enough to express themselves. On the other hand, this can trigger panic attacks.
Their minds are always looking forward. Even when they have fun, they are still thinking about what will happen next. Because of this, they tend to act impulsively, which causes more problems in their everyday life.
They are curious and inquisitive. That is why they are usually interested in exploring and learning new information.

Sagittarius are great listeners. They take everything in before expressing opinions. Therefore, they’re often given credit for knowing things before anyone else does.

When you talk to them, you’ll notice that they appear wise beyond age. This is because they have seen almost everything; therefore, they have a lot of experience handling different situations. Additionally, they have a knack for most other people to relate on a personal level. Due to this reason, they are usually good at understanding people.

Being open-minded means accepting ideas and beliefs even if they are not the same as your own. It’s not surprising then that Sagittarians tend to embrace diversity. They enjoy discussing topics related to philosophy, politics, science, etc. However, they aren’t very keen on discussions regarding religion.

Sagittaries are optimists. But even though they don’t let disappointments upset them too much, it’s just impossible to be optimistic all the time. Sooner or later, reality has to set in and cause some frustrations. Nevertheless, they remain determined to find solutions to their troubles despite these setbacks. Still, there are times when they succumb to depression.

Having a well-rounded social network is important to a Sagittarian. They prefer being around people who share the same beliefs and interests. They understand that everyone has flaws; nevertheless, they choose to focus on the positives rather than dwell on the negatives. In addition to that, they like communicating with others using words of wisdom and advice. Sometimes, they may seem intimidating, but once they’ve earned your trust, they will prove to be loyal friends.

Sagittarians need to maintain balance to live a healthy lifestyle. As such, they should eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. Not only do these activities help keep them fit, but they also improve their overall health. The key here is moderation. Just because you exercise doesn’t mean you deserve to eat junk food all day. And just because you eat healthy doesn’t imply you can eat whatever you want. A little discipline goes a long way!

Sagittarius zodiac sign is primarily represented by a centaur accompanied by an arrow pointing heavens, an implication of loftier pursuits of spirituality and intellect. While its name may suggest a horse, it actually represents a human figure with two arms ending in hands with five fingers each. Its head is shaped like a ‘Horn.’ Its face is square cut instead of rounded, giving it a sharp appearance. Like Pegasus, its body and tail end in one or sometimes three prongs. This symbolizes Sagittarius’ ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

The centaur wears a cloak resembling a winged gown which signifies the freedom of movement afforded him by his dualistic nature. His bow is similar to the one used by the Archer class of Greek mythological figures. He stands atop the chariot drawn by the wildfire horse, which implies strength and vigor. The horse is also considered to be associated with the Sun. Hence, the fiery energy radiating from it symbolizes Sagittariuse’s intellectual pursuits. Centaurs were known to frequent mountains and cliffs to mate with mortal women. This was regarded as a taboo among mortals. The union between the mortal woman and the centaur produced offspring referred to as “Mixed,” half-centaur/half-mortal. Their descendants evolved into modern humans, including European Cro-Magnon peoples.

Sagittarius loves to read books as well as to write them. He lives life on his terms: he isn’t restricted by anyone or any dogma. It is this independence that makes him feel free. Since this is a mutable sign, he is a free spirit. He thrives under change and enjoys new challenges. Due to his independent ways, he conflicts with others – especially those with fixed opinions. However, due to his innate intelligence, he recognizes that not every situation demands the same resolution. Once he understands what the issue is, he always takes steps to resolve it. Being stubbornly honest at heart, he dislikes dishonesty.

The charm of Sagittarius lies in being unique. When other signs ask what your plans are, you say that you have none. But when Sagittarius says he has no plans, people get to know something about him. They don’t expect anything from Sagittarius except honesty. In fact, Sagittarius likes to experiment and break things up. Thus, if someone asks him for advice or tips, he won’t give any advice. Instead, he’ll make suggestions and leave you to decide whether to follow or not. He won’t force you to do anything. He does not care about what people think about him; instead, he wants to move ahead at his own pace. At times, he becomes arrogant, but he will realize his mistakes and try to correct them after some time. In short, Sagittarians are unpredictable by their very nature, and hence, they are often confused by the expectations of others.

His weakness lies in his inability to express feelings. To him, emotions are meaningless, and thus, he doesn’t bother to hide his true feelings. Though his actions are sincere, they can seem strange. Sagittarians sometimes misinterpret situations. For example, if they find themselves in an awkward position, they might come off as flippant or rude. Some people consider him as a smart aleck. So, Sagittarius needs to learn to curb his natural behavior and act according to situations. A little tact goes a long way to smoothen communication between him and others.

Careers / Hobbies
This is a mutable sign, so it’s best suited for professions like writing, journalism, advertising, salesmanship, teaching, and arts. He works best alone and prefers to work from home. Because he is highly intelligent, he excels as an editor, writer, scholar, musician, architect, designer, etc. He easily picks up languages and speaks fluently. As a matter of fact, he’s so good at speaking foreign languages that he finds himself communicating in different languages all day long. Also, he’s good at making money through various means like stock market trading because of his keen insights. These qualities enable him to earn more than other signs.

He is also well equipped with the skill of persuasion – since he’s a fire sign, he can use fiery words to influence others. He’s capable of attracting people towards him. Sagittarius usually makes friends easily but keeps a few old ones. Since he’s a social person, he may be surrounded by close friends but feels lonely when there aren’t many people around. And even then, he finds it hard to get intimate relationships. He prefers to associate with strangers rather than friends.
Love Life / Romantic Interests
As the zodiac leader, Sagittarius is naturally attracted to strong-minded females. Often times he falls head over heels in love with women who display unusual characteristics. His ideal woman should be independent enough to stand apart from society yet possess sensitivity. She must be courageous enough to face the consequences of her decisions. Her ability to survive conflicts gives her character. Hence, she shouldn’t depend too much on men for emotional support. If this isn’t possible, she should seek help from those around her. This way, she can gain strength and confidence to overcome obstacles.

Sagittarius knows how to handle his own life. He possesses self-confidence and an excellent memory. But being a fire sign, he tends to lose control sometimes. It is easier for him to forget friends and family when he gets involved in a new project. Still, he makes sure to keep in touch.
The only thing missing from his love life is intimacy. Due to his busy schedule and lack of time, he hardly gets any chance to hold hands with a girl. However, some Sagittarius fall in love with their pets and wish to share everything with them.

Health Issues
Being a fire sign, he suffers from stress. When he feels stressed, he becomes irritable and aggressive. In such cases, he might lash out at his wife or kids. Being responsible and sensible, however, he tries to avoid arguments. Thus, he avoids fights and often resorts to passive aggression.

It’s said that being born under this Zodiac sign brings happiness, riches, and success into one’s life. But Sagittarius has his share of troubles, especially during the rainy season. During these months, the clouds block the sun and reduce visibility. There are chances of accidents due to poor visibility. Sagittarius’ health will worsen if you’re not careful while driving.

Signs Sagittarius Are Most Compatible With
Taurus’ compatibility with Sagittarius is quite similar to Mars/Gemini compatibility. Both have positive traits (fire signs) which complement each other. They both want to experience freedom and independence. The two signs are ruled by Jupiter and Venus, respectively. It means that they have more similarities than differences. Virgo: As mentioned earlier, Sagittarius loves talking about anything and everything. If your partner enjoys discussing philosophy and politics, then you’ll surely enjoy having conversations together. You’ll find yourself getting along very well. Libra: Both Sagittarius and Libra are Air Signs. They are also known as airy signs which love taking part in parties.

Aries and Sagittarius are Fire signs. Both of them live through intense emotions. Though both of them possess their individual likes and dislikes, they both try to please others. Because of this, they tend to get along better than others. Gemini: Sagittarius looks up to Geminis because of their intelligence and shrewdness. They admire Gemini for its charm and gracefulness. Pisces: Both of these signs are Water signs. Their nature is calm and soothing. Having the same trait, they complement each other well. Capricorn: Sagittarius is ruled by Saturn, and Capricorns are ruled by Pluto. So, they make great partners. 

Cancer and Sagittarius are water signs. Although Cancer always strives to save money, Sagittarius can’t help but spend it to eat good food. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like each other. They do. They just disagree on certain things. On the contrary, Cancer’s soft loving side complements Sagittarius’ strong independent spirit. Leo: Since both of these signs are fire signs, they adore playing music together. Like Leo, Sagittarius thinks that he’s unique and original. But, once your lover’s eyes have blessed you, you won’t be able to put anyone else ahead of her. Aquarius: With their unique philosophies, these signs attract each other.

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