When is the next full moon? A question often asked during the days of the year. That phenomenal orb it the sky that dictates the tides of the ocean and for many people also their own feelings. We made a calendar of all the full moon phases of the year 2022 and the exact time of day when the moon appears to shine on her fullest.

Full Moon date and time  Full Moon name
17January (11.48pm)Wolf Moon
16 February (4.56pm)Snow Moon
18 March (7.18am)Worm Moon
16 April (7.55pm)Pink Moon
16 May (05.14am)Flower Moon (total lunar eclipse)
14 June (12.51pm)Strawberry Moon
13 July (7.38pm)Buck Moon
12 August (2.36am)Sturgeon Moon
10 September (10.59am)Corn/Harvest Moon
9 October (9.55pm)Hunter’s Moon
8 November (11.02am)Beaver Moon
08 December (4.08am)Cold Moon

All times show the time of the full Moon at the Royal Observatory’shome in London, either in GMT or BST depending on the time of year.

What is Taurus?

April 20th through May 20th is one of the most enchanting zodiac timeframes and belongs to none other than Taurus. Taurus is the month of the bull, which is governed by Venus. Taurians are extremely erotic and desirable, making them excellent lovers and partners. Descendents of Taurus are extremely happy when they are being pampered in a life of luxury.

Taurus’s element is Earth, meaning it is stable and constant in nature. This goes along with the fixed state of Taurean’s sign as well. Green and pink are the two main colors for this zodiac sign, which correlate perfectly with its days of the week: Friday and Monday.

Taurus’s horoscope is led by the planet, Venus. Therefore, it is no great surprise that Scorpio and Cancer are the most compatible signs with Taurus. When it comes to special dates, lottery tickets, or any significant numbers, Taurus’s lucky numbers are 2, 6, 9, 12, and 24.

Taurus’s Personality

Since Taurus’s astrological sign is a fixed sign, it means that they are more stable in nature. This means they are highly predictable in nature and extremely devoted to others. This makes them wonderful partners, friends, and employees to link arms with. However, there are times where Taurus can be mistaken for being too bullheaded and relentless.

Because of this quality of occasional stubbornness, Taureans may find themselves in compromising situations. Their dedication and loyalty are often so unwavering that it can cause them to become stuck in potentially detrimental circumstances such as bad marriages, toxic jobs, or draining financial situations. Aside from this tendency, Taurus is praised for its ability to remain a rock in most relationships.

When you walk into a Taurean’s house, you will find glamour and beauty in every corner. They are obsessed with beauty and are not willing to risk aesthetics for convenience. Although they enjoy life’s pleasures, they are not prone to wasting away every penny to make their dreams happen. They are a fixed sign, making them practical in their decision-making process.

Although Taurus is an overall peaceful and endearing personality, they are aggressive when provoked. However, this personality trait does not come from a place of malice. Rather, it comes from a protective standpoint to ensure that their posterity is not under any type of dangerous threat.

Taurean Romance

If you want to physically please a Taurus, they are the happiest when they are massaged. Places of great pleasure include the neck, shoulders, and upper body. Their love language is touch and gifts, so they adore back and neck rubs. A soft, sensual kiss on the neck is irresistible to Taureans and they are easily seduced with luxurious pleasures.

While Taureans love to be pleasured and seduced with beautiful things, they are equally talented at reciprocating the charm and allurement back to their lovers. Compatible signs will crave more attention from Taurus because it is so eloquently given and tends to make people feel loved and stable in their relationship with Taurus. Although Taureans are great lovers, they are not willing to adventure outside of their comfort zone when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom. Zodiac signs who are less compatible with Taurus may find issues with this in their sexual relationship.

A weak point for Taureans in most relationships is the fact that they are often perceived as too possessive simply because of their strong loyal traits. This can usually be bypassed by Taurus’s romantic partners with a few simple solutions. Taurean’s significant others find relief from Taurus’s need for security by simply letting Taurus know when they are going somewhere and when they expect to be back. Open lines of communication and planning are key components to keeping Taureans happy. Taurus is a hard-working and reliable sign; however, they do not like to feel the slightest bit insecure.

Stable family life is important to Taureans, so a relationship or marriage where family is not involved will likely cause problems for Taurus. They desire a life of harmony and the ability to frequently see the ones they love. Relationships with Taurus are bound for complications if there are problems between family or friends. They are typically uncompromising with their desired future plans of where they will live, how many children they want, and who they associate with once they are in romantic relationships. They will usually choose their loyalty to family and lifelong friends before a romantic relationship, which is uncertain.

When it comes to Taurus’s highest level of compatibility, they are often found to withstand the test of time with a handful of signs. The signs with which Taurus finds the greatest compatibility are Libra, Pisces, and Virgo. It has been said that these three signs could even lead to the discovery of a soulmate within Taurus!

Taurus and Friends

If there are bright night lights, sensual music, chic clothing, and fancy cars, you will most likely find Taurus nearby. They are like bugs who are attracted to bright lights. They enjoy activities that bring out their sensuality and allow them to express themselves through dance or music. Taureans also enjoy visualizing their talents in the tangible world, so cooking and gardening are among some of their favorite hobbies. It is not uncommon to spot a Taurus knee-deep in gardening soil while keeping it chic with designer gardening attire!

When it comes to friendship with a Taurus, they are a ride-or-die type friend. Their loyalty is unsurpassed, but they do not take kindly to criticism. Once they sense that a friend is too flaky with plans or is deceiving them, they will cut ties with that friend quickly. This is due to their abhorrence towards instability. Taureans do not like feeling insecure, so they will only surround themselves with friends who are loyal and compatible. If there are plans to go to a restaurant or social outing with which Taurus may feel uncomfortable, they will bail.

Taurus’s most ideal trait is the fact that there is no second-guessing how they feel towards their friends or love interests. They do not beat around the bush and make their true intentions known from the get-go. The best part about Taurus is that they actually stick with their true intentions, unlike other signs. It can be easy to confuse the intentions of many astrological signs, but it is incredibly rare that a Taurus will cause deception.

Taurus as an Employee

Taureans are heavily underestimated when it comes to their work ethic. Many mistake them for lazy or high maintenance; however, they will work to earn what it takes to afford a lifestyle that suits their needs. They are also judged for spending large amounts of money, but in reality, they have a sweet nest egg of savings built up. This is because retirement is important to these peaceful oxen. Taurus’s sign is the bull, so although they enjoy basking in the sun, they also know the value of a hard-earned dollar. Their ambition makes them perfect for a Wall Street atmosphere that is accompanied by a Gatsby-esque lifestyle.

Taureans thrive when they see their work efforts come to fruition. Therefore, they crave performance reviews that both give them praise and direction. They are not fond of unstable environments when it comes to sales. If they are going to work in a high-risk atmosphere, they must be able to predict their earnings or at least be able to move up in ranks. They do not like working under unpredictable work timelines, so crazy workplaces are not a compatible situation for Taurus. However, if there is a prize or commission involved in the task, you can bet Taurus will pull through.

Because of their desired loyalty and firmness, Taurus is an ideal candidate for higher positions, such as management. They are trustworthy enough to handle both confidentiality and money, making them wonderful bankers, executives, directors, accountants, or financial advisors. On the flip side, they also possess an artistic side that creates a window of opportunity in the performing arts. Taureans also like to work with their hands, so master chef, gardener, or hairdresser are potential titles for Taurus as well.

Herbal Remedies for Taurus

When it comes to medical astrology, Taurus is all about incorporating herbs and other healing elements into their everyday routine, such as cooking. It is firstly important to limit the intake of sugar and processed or refined carbs for Taureans, especially since they are in need of stability in their bodies. Insulin spikes are not good for anyone, but especially for Taurus. Their bodies do not cope well with hormone or blood sugar imbalances

Some favorite herbs for Taurus are basil, Ashwagandha, and Eleuthero. These are all-natural remedies that contribute to healthy thyroid levels, which are controlled by Taurus. Because of their desire for balance and natural remedies, one will often find a Taurus perusing around a local farmer’s market or the organic produce section in grocery stores.

Taurus Life Goals

As one of the most dependable and loyal signs in the astrology chart, Taurus’s main ambition is to rise up in their career. Moving up within a company after many years and even seeking retirement is a huge dream and life accomplishment for Taureans. They dream of living lavishly retired with a sense of loyalty after a lifetime career with a promising company.

A lifeline marriage is also among the top goals for Taurus. Although they value life’s luxuries, it is all for nothing if there is no soulmate to enjoy it with!

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is a symbol of endless optimism, and it is often considered the most philosophical of all the Zodiac signs. The Sagittarius sign could also be one of the most entertaining when they’re not busy philosophizing. They have a certain tendency to be happy-go-lucky and always see the light at the end of the tunnel. They are open-minded and like to try new things. In addition, they enjoy thinking about life’s deeper meanings. While cautioning the wind, the arrow in the sky implies that Sagittarius is on us with love, support, and understanding.

The Archer
When you meet a Sagittarius zodiac sign, the chances are that they will share their interests with you. They’ll tell you what they admire and dislike about their lives. This is because this particular zodiac sign has an amazing ability to listen. It helps them understand other people much better than others. It becomes part of their personality. If you ask them to do something good for you, they won’t hesitate to ask for your help and share ideas with you.

They are very creative and intelligent people who can think outside the box. They are known to be spontaneous and adventurous. Their imagination knows no boundaries. To Sagittarius, anything is possible due to its limitless imagination.

Planetary ruler: Jupiter
Having been ruled by Jupiter, this planet of levity and luck, Sagittarians are said to be buoyant, optimistic, friendly, cheerful, and witty. They are enthusiastic and generous as well. However, these traits don’t just belong to the Sagittarians alone but also all those born under the influence of Jupiter. As such, many benefits come from being a Sagittarian. Here’s how to get the best out of this wonderful astrological sign with Joviality Secrets.

What makes Sagittarius stand out among the rest?
Sagittarius stands out due to its freedom-loving nature. Unlike the others who tend to adhere to rules and regulations, Sagittarians believe in living each day to the fullest. One doesn’t need to worry about getting stuck within routines or obligations because they know that nothing can stop them from achieving what they want in life. Hence, they are free to live their own lives without restrictions. Not only will they succeed in accomplishing what they wish to achieve, but they will also become successful in every aspect.

Sagittarian personality traits
There are two types of Sagittarians, the positive and the negative ones. Although they might look similar in character, they differ in terms of emotions. Positive Sagittarius is full of joy, while negative Sagittarius tends to harbor anger, frustration, and negativity. Either way, both types will make sure that their friends and family members are happy.

Sagittarians are easygoing people because they are generally carefree. While it takes work to create an environment that allows someone to get angry and disappointed, they won’t bother doing so. Instead, they would rather keep their feelings bottled up inside until they feel comfortable enough to express themselves. On the other hand, this can trigger panic attacks.
Their minds are always looking forward. Even when they have fun, they are still thinking about what will happen next. Because of this, they tend to act impulsively, which causes more problems in their everyday life.
They are curious and inquisitive. That is why they are usually interested in exploring and learning new information.

Sagittarius are great listeners. They take everything in before expressing opinions. Therefore, they’re often given credit for knowing things before anyone else does.

When you talk to them, you’ll notice that they appear wise beyond age. This is because they have seen almost everything; therefore, they have a lot of experience handling different situations. Additionally, they have a knack for most other people to relate on a personal level. Due to this reason, they are usually good at understanding people.

Being open-minded means accepting ideas and beliefs even if they are not the same as your own. It’s not surprising then that Sagittarians tend to embrace diversity. They enjoy discussing topics related to philosophy, politics, science, etc. However, they aren’t very keen on discussions regarding religion.

Sagittaries are optimists. But even though they don’t let disappointments upset them too much, it’s just impossible to be optimistic all the time. Sooner or later, reality has to set in and cause some frustrations. Nevertheless, they remain determined to find solutions to their troubles despite these setbacks. Still, there are times when they succumb to depression.

Having a well-rounded social network is important to a Sagittarian. They prefer being around people who share the same beliefs and interests. They understand that everyone has flaws; nevertheless, they choose to focus on the positives rather than dwell on the negatives. In addition to that, they like communicating with others using words of wisdom and advice. Sometimes, they may seem intimidating, but once they’ve earned your trust, they will prove to be loyal friends.

Sagittarians need to maintain balance to live a healthy lifestyle. As such, they should eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. Not only do these activities help keep them fit, but they also improve their overall health. The key here is moderation. Just because you exercise doesn’t mean you deserve to eat junk food all day. And just because you eat healthy doesn’t imply you can eat whatever you want. A little discipline goes a long way!

Sagittarius zodiac sign is primarily represented by a centaur accompanied by an arrow pointing heavens, an implication of loftier pursuits of spirituality and intellect. While its name may suggest a horse, it actually represents a human figure with two arms ending in hands with five fingers each. Its head is shaped like a ‘Horn.’ Its face is square cut instead of rounded, giving it a sharp appearance. Like Pegasus, its body and tail end in one or sometimes three prongs. This symbolizes Sagittarius’ ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

The centaur wears a cloak resembling a winged gown which signifies the freedom of movement afforded him by his dualistic nature. His bow is similar to the one used by the Archer class of Greek mythological figures. He stands atop the chariot drawn by the wildfire horse, which implies strength and vigor. The horse is also considered to be associated with the Sun. Hence, the fiery energy radiating from it symbolizes Sagittariuse’s intellectual pursuits. Centaurs were known to frequent mountains and cliffs to mate with mortal women. This was regarded as a taboo among mortals. The union between the mortal woman and the centaur produced offspring referred to as “Mixed,” half-centaur/half-mortal. Their descendants evolved into modern humans, including European Cro-Magnon peoples.

Sagittarius loves to read books as well as to write them. He lives life on his terms: he isn’t restricted by anyone or any dogma. It is this independence that makes him feel free. Since this is a mutable sign, he is a free spirit. He thrives under change and enjoys new challenges. Due to his independent ways, he conflicts with others – especially those with fixed opinions. However, due to his innate intelligence, he recognizes that not every situation demands the same resolution. Once he understands what the issue is, he always takes steps to resolve it. Being stubbornly honest at heart, he dislikes dishonesty.

The charm of Sagittarius lies in being unique. When other signs ask what your plans are, you say that you have none. But when Sagittarius says he has no plans, people get to know something about him. They don’t expect anything from Sagittarius except honesty. In fact, Sagittarius likes to experiment and break things up. Thus, if someone asks him for advice or tips, he won’t give any advice. Instead, he’ll make suggestions and leave you to decide whether to follow or not. He won’t force you to do anything. He does not care about what people think about him; instead, he wants to move ahead at his own pace. At times, he becomes arrogant, but he will realize his mistakes and try to correct them after some time. In short, Sagittarians are unpredictable by their very nature, and hence, they are often confused by the expectations of others.

His weakness lies in his inability to express feelings. To him, emotions are meaningless, and thus, he doesn’t bother to hide his true feelings. Though his actions are sincere, they can seem strange. Sagittarians sometimes misinterpret situations. For example, if they find themselves in an awkward position, they might come off as flippant or rude. Some people consider him as a smart aleck. So, Sagittarius needs to learn to curb his natural behavior and act according to situations. A little tact goes a long way to smoothen communication between him and others.

Careers / Hobbies
This is a mutable sign, so it’s best suited for professions like writing, journalism, advertising, salesmanship, teaching, and arts. He works best alone and prefers to work from home. Because he is highly intelligent, he excels as an editor, writer, scholar, musician, architect, designer, etc. He easily picks up languages and speaks fluently. As a matter of fact, he’s so good at speaking foreign languages that he finds himself communicating in different languages all day long. Also, he’s good at making money through various means like stock market trading because of his keen insights. These qualities enable him to earn more than other signs.

He is also well equipped with the skill of persuasion – since he’s a fire sign, he can use fiery words to influence others. He’s capable of attracting people towards him. Sagittarius usually makes friends easily but keeps a few old ones. Since he’s a social person, he may be surrounded by close friends but feels lonely when there aren’t many people around. And even then, he finds it hard to get intimate relationships. He prefers to associate with strangers rather than friends.
Love Life / Romantic Interests
As the zodiac leader, Sagittarius is naturally attracted to strong-minded females. Often times he falls head over heels in love with women who display unusual characteristics. His ideal woman should be independent enough to stand apart from society yet possess sensitivity. She must be courageous enough to face the consequences of her decisions. Her ability to survive conflicts gives her character. Hence, she shouldn’t depend too much on men for emotional support. If this isn’t possible, she should seek help from those around her. This way, she can gain strength and confidence to overcome obstacles.

Sagittarius knows how to handle his own life. He possesses self-confidence and an excellent memory. But being a fire sign, he tends to lose control sometimes. It is easier for him to forget friends and family when he gets involved in a new project. Still, he makes sure to keep in touch.
The only thing missing from his love life is intimacy. Due to his busy schedule and lack of time, he hardly gets any chance to hold hands with a girl. However, some Sagittarius fall in love with their pets and wish to share everything with them.

Health Issues
Being a fire sign, he suffers from stress. When he feels stressed, he becomes irritable and aggressive. In such cases, he might lash out at his wife or kids. Being responsible and sensible, however, he tries to avoid arguments. Thus, he avoids fights and often resorts to passive aggression.

It’s said that being born under this Zodiac sign brings happiness, riches, and success into one’s life. But Sagittarius has his share of troubles, especially during the rainy season. During these months, the clouds block the sun and reduce visibility. There are chances of accidents due to poor visibility. Sagittarius’ health will worsen if you’re not careful while driving.

Signs Sagittarius Are Most Compatible With
Taurus’ compatibility with Sagittarius is quite similar to Mars/Gemini compatibility. Both have positive traits (fire signs) which complement each other. They both want to experience freedom and independence. The two signs are ruled by Jupiter and Venus, respectively. It means that they have more similarities than differences. Virgo: As mentioned earlier, Sagittarius loves talking about anything and everything. If your partner enjoys discussing philosophy and politics, then you’ll surely enjoy having conversations together. You’ll find yourself getting along very well. Libra: Both Sagittarius and Libra are Air Signs. They are also known as airy signs which love taking part in parties.

Aries and Sagittarius are Fire signs. Both of them live through intense emotions. Though both of them possess their individual likes and dislikes, they both try to please others. Because of this, they tend to get along better than others. Gemini: Sagittarius looks up to Geminis because of their intelligence and shrewdness. They admire Gemini for its charm and gracefulness. Pisces: Both of these signs are Water signs. Their nature is calm and soothing. Having the same trait, they complement each other well. Capricorn: Sagittarius is ruled by Saturn, and Capricorns are ruled by Pluto. So, they make great partners. 

Cancer and Sagittarius are water signs. Although Cancer always strives to save money, Sagittarius can’t help but spend it to eat good food. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like each other. They do. They just disagree on certain things. On the contrary, Cancer’s soft loving side complements Sagittarius’ strong independent spirit. Leo: Since both of these signs are fire signs, they adore playing music together. Like Leo, Sagittarius thinks that he’s unique and original. But, once your lover’s eyes have blessed you, you won’t be able to put anyone else ahead of her. Aquarius: With their unique philosophies, these signs attract each other.

If you are born between June 21 and July 22, you fall under the Cancer zodiac sign. You are likely known for your loving and tender personality, which is one of your most appealing traits. You love feeling secure and being surrounded by the people you love. Even though you are known for having a soft and tender nature, you also have a tough side that you display when necessary. 

Qualities that make you stand out

The crab is the sign for the Cancer zodiac, which looks like ’69’ or a crab resting sideways. The 69 is said to represent the breasts of a woman or the claws of a crab. 

Cancer is the fourth of the zodiac and represents home life, family, and personal origins. Sensitivity is your stronger personality trait because you tend to easily absorb the emotions of others. Cancers are also very creative and easily inspired, which allows you to express all your emotions freely. 

As a Cancer, your significant other and family extremely important to you and are part of your identity. You’re always ready to do what it takes to keep your loved ones happy and to make sure they remain close to you. Anyone who dares to attempt to hurt the people close to you will see your angry side, and you don’t mind severing ties with these people once you see they have ill intent. However, there is a part of your that is extremely fragile. While you don’t have a problem standing up for friends and family, you tend to avoid conflict when you have to stick up for yourself. You have a tendency to become withdrawn if you think this will keep you from arguing with others. You can’t stand having quarrels with your significant other and need to feel that you’re always on the same page with your sweetheart to feel secure. 

Cancer Challenges 

While you aren’t naturally manipulative, you have a tendency to be very moody and can easily become irritable. When you need a pick-me-up, try to get close to a body of water to relax your body and mind. Being near a lake or at the beach will help you temporarily escape from the issues that are causing you distress. It’s necessary for you to take time away from your busy schedule or from tending to your family and friends so you can take time for yourself. 

You are naturally charming because you’re a sensitive soul, but this also means that you have a tendency to be naive. This quality can be annoying to the people who are closest to you, so it’s important to be very aware of your surroundings so you can 
have the maturity to deal with unexpected situations. You should make sure you take the time to relax, because your mood swings can make it difficult for your loved ones to be honest around you. You have to learn how to control your emotions when people give you feedback or share their feelings with you. Your childlike nature means that you have to constantly be reassured, and this can be taxing on the people who are important to you. 

How You Relate to Family and Friends 

While your relatives and friend group may see your unassuming nature as a flaw, you think your naivety is the key to happiness. You try to keep yourself far from negative energy, and you don’t like to criticize others or be around people you don’t trust. You are a kind soul, so you only want to be surrounded by kindness. This is why being around your children, spouse, family members, and close friends is a source of true joy for you. You also like to give others advice and are visibly happy when they adhere to your counsel.

Your Romantic Tendencies 

As a Cancer, you are considered the “dreamer” of the zodiac sign. You desire love above anything else, and your sense of imagination is vivid. You often tend to romanticize all aspects of your relationships and will create fairytales in your mind. This is an endearing quality, but you have to be careful not to look too far into the future, especially in the beginning of a new relationship. However, because you are so in love with love, you enjoy being in committed, long-term relationships. 

Because you are empathetic, you are a great lover, but you also know how to be a friend and confidant to your significant other. You know how to keep your lover’s secrets to yourself, and you listen sympathetically so those who are close to you feel supported and protected. 

You are able to adapt your mindest so that you can understand your sweetheart’s perspective, and you have heightened intuition, which is why your advice is always customized and accurate. Your lover often feels at ease opening up to you because you are caring and honest. Since your partner knows they can trust you, this will create an unbreakable bond between the two of you. Since you have such an adaptable personality, your sweetheart doesn’t mind taking you to different events and social gatherings, since you can find a way to be comfortable no matter where you are.

You are also very resilient in your relationships, including romantic partnerships. You know that anything easy is probably not worth it. You know that relationships are not always pleasant or easy, but you’re built to take on the challenge. However, your significant other will soon see that being with you is not always easy. While you love to give advice, you don’t like being told what to do. You are at your best when you’re free to do the things you love, and you don’t take kindly to people trying to stifle your spirit in any way. 

Even though you hate being lonely, you’re actually good at spending time by yourself. You prefer to stay at home instead of always going out to social gatherings, and despite loving your family and friends immensely, you value your alone time. You want to shower your significant other with attention, but you value your sense of independence and don’t want to depend on others for your comfort. 

Another reason why you’re so good at relationships is because you’re open-minded. Your partner knows that you accept them for who they are, and they will show a sense of gratitude for your acceptance of them. You are attracted to your partner’s quirks or shortcomings because you belive these things make people more interesting. As a Cancer, you’ll likely find that you boost your partner’s confidence, because you celebrate aspects of your lover’s personality that are unattractive to others. This is yet another way that you march to the beat of your own drum and refuse to follow the crowd. 

You know how to celebrate your partner’s accomplishments, and you don’t try to get all the attention when you and your mate attend events together or hosts guests in your home. You don’t need to be in the spotlight, but you also don’t mind showing your individuality. That’s why you also need a partner who is free-spirited and comfortable with who they are. 

Your Attitude In the Workplace 

As a Cancer, you’re a natural go-getter and don’t need to be micro-managed. Even though you’re often seen as extremely sensitive, you love to share your ideas and inspire others to explore their creativity. Due to your closeness with your relatives and friends, you tend to pursue careers that allow you to improve the lives of others. You thrive in a work environment that is welcoming and warm. You need to be in a positive setting no matter what job you take on. Even if your career is challenging or time-consuming, you can be successful if you’re surrounded by the right energy. 

You’ll likely do well in jobs that place a high value on community and culture. You’ll naturally be friendly and engaging in the workplace. However, if anyone at work offends or disrespects you, your natural inclination is to “make them pay.” If you feel that someone doesn’t value your sensitive nature, you can become distant, and will retreat into a shell — like a crab. However, as long as your emotional needs are acknowledged and met at work, you will be loyal to your job and committed to doing your best work. You also have no problem congratulating your colleagues and complimenting them on a job well done. You appreciate gifts, plaques, and awards for your hard work. But you have to remember not to get offended when people aren’t as thoughtful as you are when it comes to gift-giving in a work setting. 

Since you are loyal and responsible when it comes to your job, you exhibit these same characteristics with your budget. However, Saturn in the Cancer sign indicates that there will be a time when you have to restrict your spending or wait patiently for an investment you’ve made to yield a profit. You are very responsible with your household budget and will likely do very well working in real estate. 

Signs Cancers Are Most Compatible With 

Cancers will likely pair well with Scorpios in friendships and romantic relationships. With a Scorpio by your side, your relationship will be filled with positive energy. A Scorpio is the ideal match for you when you want to have a passionate relationship with someone who truly understands what you’re looking for in a partner. You may also find love with a Leo, but it’s common for Cancers to have Leo friends, since they will serve as protectors. This energy is beneficial when you’re gearing up to achieve an important goal in your life or career. 

Signs Cancers Are Least Compatible With 

Cancers are least compatible with Libras and Aries. Since you are born under the fourth sign, you are emotionally fragile and you could have relationship conflicts with signs who are not as sensitive. If you’ve ever felt manipulated or made to feel that you’re “weak,” the energy was likely coming from these two signs. Libras and Aries tend to make you feel emotionally drained, and you may find that you lose your confidence around these signs. 

Cancer’s Ruling Planet

Cancer, which is the fourth sign of the zodiac, represents home life and family. The Moon is your ruling planet, which is a symbol of fertility and femininity. Cancer represents gestation and the womb, and it is said that this sign represents the gateway for souls to begin the incarnation process. If you are a native Cancer, you are naturally loving and are often viewed as a hopeles romantic. You look for the good in everyone, but it doesn’t take much to hurt your feelings. 

Important Dates for Cancers 

Cancers love feeling cozy and staying at home. However, after spending months in quarantine, you may be looking for ways to make your life more interesting. You’ll likely tap into your water sign, which represents creative energy, combined with the sun in your home sign. 

Lucky days in January 2021 for the Cancer are the 8-10th and the 12-14th. From the 14-16th, you may encounter a chance to increase your financial wealth. On the 1st or 2nd of February, you can expect to travel for work or leisure; you may also be preparing for a trip during Valentine’s Day. 

What You Can Expect In the Coming Year 

The Cancer 2021 horoscope indicates that you’re going to have a lucky year if you fall under this sign. You will likely gain an internal strength that allows you to reach all your goals. However, you’ll have to learn how to keep your emotions in check and maintain confidence in your abilities. 

In June and August, you’ll have all you need to make your dreams a reality because of your positive mindset and determination. This is also a good year for a Cancer woman to have a child, and you may start a new romantic relationship in 2021 as well. During the entire year, you’ll have more responsibilities that will challenge your commitment to the relationships you hold dear. Use your tenacity to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome. 

Pisces is the final sign of the astrological calendar, known for being sensitive and intuitive. It’s the ultimate water sign, governed by Neptune and ruled by a sense of fairness and empathy towards others. If you’re a Pisces, you are probably very in tune with others’ emotions around you and sometimes may struggle to put yourself first.

Qualities That Make You Shine

Pisces runs deep. They are among the most intuitive and sensitive of all of the zodiac signs and tend to shine with their selflessness and compassion towards others. Pisces forgive and forget easily and tend to attract a wide variety of different friends. They are genuine people who never expect anything in return for a favor, although this can leave them open to others taking advantage.

Pisces would do anything for their friends and make very loyal romantic partners. They are known for their measured wisdom and their ability to see all sides of any given problem. Tolerance and kindness are two qualities that embody nearly every Pisces.

Your Sign’s Challenges

Sometimes all of that emotion poses challenges, especially when it causes Pisces to freeze up in stressful situations. One of the biggest problems for people who fall under this sign is indecisiveness. This indecisiveness can cause Pisces to run from conflict, appearing lazy or disorganized in the process. This quality is especially detrimental in the workplace.

Pisces can also fall into the self-pity trap or develop elaborate fantasies about circumstances that aren’t rooted in reality. They can also create drama out of nothing without knowing it because they assume the worst. Since Pisces tend to be so emotionally charged, they can easily get overwhelmed and may overcommit to obligations.

Your Love Life

Pisces don’t usually do well in the casual dating game. They enjoy long-term partners that are able to reciprocate their love back to them. Since Pisces tend to fall hard and feel deeply, they can easily get hurt in romantic relationships. For this reason, Pisces should learn to guard their hearts.

Romantically speaking, the best signs for Pisces are Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus and Cancer.

Family and Friends

Pisces make good and loyal friends, although they tend to put the needs of other people well ahead of their own. They can be easily taken advantage of if they put their faith in the wrong person, so it’s important for Pisces to remember that not everyone is as kindhearted and genuine as they are. The friendships that Pisces tends to develop are deep and usually last for a lifetime.

Similarly, most Pisces have deep familial bonds because they work at their relationships and try hard to cultivate and grow them. 

Your Approach To Work

Pisces are born artists. Their sensitivity, intuition and love of beauty make them well suited for these kinds of jobs. Most Pisces are not good with numbers crunching and tend to stay away from fields where there is a lot of stress. Pisces make very good caregivers, nurses, and teachers. 

At work, Pisces need to set firm boundaries with coworkers. Their empathetic side can get them easily sucked into workplace drama, and they can quickly find themselves embroiled in conflicts that have nothing to do with them. These sorts of entanglements can waste time or get over-sympathetic Pisces in trouble with management.

Signs Pisces Are Most Compatible With

There are certain signs that Pisces gets along excellently with. When it comes to romance, friendship, or familial ties, these signs are best suited to a smooth relationship with a Pisces.


Aquarius people are innovative and compassionate, which blends perfectly with Pisces’ empathy and intuition. The two signs can amplify each other’s best qualities and create wonderful things together. Aquarius can be a little more independent than Pisces, so the two signs must communicate about how best to run the relationship and what each person needs to feel secure and happy.


Although Aries is much more intense than Pisces, the two are exceptionally creative and generous, meaning that they share important core values that they can use to build a loving and fruitful relationship. Although they are not the most compatible of signs, they certainly are more on the positive side than the negative one. Aries and Pisces are two sides of the same coin and generally have the same end goal in common.


Cancers are almost as sensitive as Pisces, which means that the two signs will rarely get irritated with one another for being “overly emotional”. Cancers tend to be more homebodies than Pisces, so if the two signs get together in a romantic relationship, expectations must be set. Aside from this small difference, expect smooth sailing between the two. Cancer and Pisces relationships, friendships, and familial ties are almost always based on mutual love and loyalty.


Taurus’ patience is a great match for Pisces sensitivity. Taurus tends to take Pisces with a grain of salt and will return the loyalty and compassion that Pisces is famous for showing. Occasionally Taurus and Pisces will clash, but these fights are not as catastrophic as they are with other signs in the zodiac.


Virgos make ideal romantic companions for Pisces because they tend to complement each others’ positive qualities perfectly. Virgos are just as compassionate and empathetic as Pisces, but they tend to show it a little bit differently. Although Virgos operate with skepticism earlier in relationships, once they are invested in their partner, they tend to be very loyal. Also, Pisces’ ability to show kindness and genuine caring can bring down Virgo’s walls pretty easily.


Capricorns are practical and logical, a great counterbalance to Pisces’ dreamy and intuitive nature. The two are great companions because Capricorns can ground their Pisces friends and partners, and Pisces can influence Capricorns to think outside of the box.

Signs Pisces Are Least Compatible With

These signs are oil to Pisces’ water and don’t make the best pairings from an astrological perspective. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but these matches were not set in the stars.


Since Leo is the ultimate fire sign and Pisces represents water, it’s no wonder that these two tend to clash. They are opposites at nearly every level, although they can work together in a pinch. At their cores, both Leos and Pisces are generous and good, but their huge difference in personalities overshadows this. Leos tend to steamroll over Pisces, and they see Pisces as being overly sensitive and unable to make decisions. On the other hand, Pisces see Leos as brash and self-centered.


Pisces don’t get along so well with the twins of the zodiac. Geminis are air signs, and a partnership between the two tends to be more on the unstable side. Geminis can run both hot and cold, a quality that tends to frustrate and hurt Pisces. For these two signs to mesh, they need to have a relationship or friendship built on solid ground rules.


Like Geminis, Libras are air signs, and they don’t work well with the water-based Pisces. Libras love rules and find Pisces to be flaky or too cavalier when it comes to the way that things ought to be done. Libras can also see the world in black and white and dislike how Pisces thinks in shades of grey. 


Scorpios can be intense, which is generally too much for your average Pisces. In relationships, Scorpios may retaliate when they feel jealous and insecure, and Pisces can feel like they are painted into a corner. A Pisces might even become self-pitying, which will just inspire rage in the Scorpio. Scorpios tend to see Pisces as too sensitive, and Pisces can see Scorpios as too aggressive. Although they might have a fiery spark, in the beginning, it’s best for Pisces and Scorpios not to get romantically entangled.


Sagittariuses ooze confidence and sometimes can see Pisces as being too fragile for them. This sign is known for being dynamic and assertive, so Pisces’ inability to decide quickly can cause a lot of annoyance. From the Pisces perspective, Sagittariuses are too impulsive and unpredictable. There’s a big difference in communication styles as well. Sagittariuses tend to be far more blunt and direct, which can read as rude to your average Pisces. The two can get along in work relationships, friendships, and even romantic endeavors, but both parties have to put in a lot of work.

Although the stars might not align between Pisces and some of the signs in the zodiac, it’s important to remember that everyone is an individual. Just because someone happens to fall under a less compatible star sign doesn’t mean that Pisces people can’t have fruitful and good relationships with them. 

Neptune As A Ruling Planet

Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune, named for the Roman god of the sea. This dreamy planet is often associated with mental development and exploration, intuitive nature, and dreams. Those born under this planet also tend to be more emphatic, with some people even qualifying as empaths; or those who are especially in tune with others’ emotions. Empaths can actually feel the emotions of other people, and sometimes animals, as keenly as they feel their own, which can sometimes lead to them being labeled as overly sensitive. We are just now scratching the surface of what it means to be an empath.

Neptune is one of the most spiritual planets, representing the flow of energy in all of its forms. It also governs our dreams and imagination and is thought to be responsible for helping us intuit things that seem far beyond our grasp as people. Neptune represents the intersection between our imaginative world and our real world, which makes sense, as Pisces tend to live in a dream world of their own creation for at least some of their lives.

Important Dates For Pisces

The important days for Pisces will shift every year, depending on the position of the planets in the sky. They will also depend on what house you were born in. Learning more about your astrological chart’s specifics is a great way to delve further into what you can expect.

Lucky Moons

Look at the date you were born to determine when you are the luckiest, according to the moon. Those born in the later weeks of February, the very beginning of the Pisces sign, are luckiest during the new moon. Those born in the last week of February and early March will find their luck improving during the moon’s second quarter. If you were born in mid-March, the full moon is your luckiest time. Those born at the end of the Pisces sign are luckiest during the fourth quarter of the moon.

Pisces’ lucky number is four, so your lucky dates correspond with the number four. Of course, the fourth of every month is a lucky date, but so is the 31st because when you add the two numbers together, you get four. You can do this for other dates throughout the month as well.

Pisces will generally experience better luck when Neptune rules the sky, which you can determine by looking at a sky chart and counting the hours from sunrise on. The lucky times of your day will depend largely on where you are in the world and differ day by day. Of course, all of these are just guides and should be used as general parameters for what you can expect.

Pisces In The Upcoming Year

2021 holds plenty of exciting things for Pisces, and although your horoscope will crystalize further as we look to the skies during the upcoming year, here are just a few things that Pisces can expect in the new year.

The time between January and March is an excellent opportunity to pursue a new creative endeavor. If there’s something that you’ve been holding off on, now is the time to invest creativity into it. You might even find some surprise backer or allies. March and April will be lucky months in general for Pisces, and November and December 2021 are excellent times to start making extra money. Many Pisces will find that they have a substantial financial boost during this time.

Pisces tend to be one of the most sensitive, intuitive, and creative signs in the zodiac. Their commitment to their relationships and friendships makes them beloved by just about everyone in their orbit. 

One of the most ambitious types of zodiac signs is the ram, which is the first listed sign. It belongs to none other than, drumroll, Aries. The Aries personality fits this description completely, as they are always the first to jump into responsibilities and competitions with their fiery and tenacious spirit

General Aries Information

The 2021 dates for Aries fall between March 20th and April 19th. Fire is the main element for this zodiac sign, while its modality is the cardinal. The Aries’s ruling planet is Mars, so it is no wonder they are associated with other fire signs. In the Aries sign, Mars is in battle mode. Mars draws signs to reconnect with its most primordial and heroic state. Aries closely coordinate with Sagittarius and Leos, as they are an aggressive and wistful lot.

The Aries house is first and their significant body part is the head. The Aries Tarot card is mostly known to be an Emperor. Their significant colors are mustard and red, which are closely related to their fiery spirit.

The ram symbol that correlates with Aries is first in the zodiac constellation. The ram is linked to ancient times in horticulture and agriculture as well as shepherd gods. The ram is also closely associated with Amon-Ra, the Egyptian god of fertility and inspiration. The name Aries comes from the Greek word “Ares,” which was the Greek god notorious for battle.

The Aries season is spring, which is appropriate for such a vivacious and lively personality. This sign is much needed, as it signifies the new life and rejuvenation which comes after harsh wintertime. Aries also shares the planet Mars with Scorpio, although the two are vastly different.

In general, Aries does not like to be bothered with tasks that feel wasteful or arduous. While they are eager to begin tasks, they are quick to abandon ship the minute frustration or boredom begins.

Aries Personality Traits

While the Aries sign tends to jump into things without prior forethought or experience, they are described by astrologists as necessary leaders who are willing to take risks. Other signs, on the other hand, are not as brave or spontaneous. Instead of learning from other’s mistakes, Aries lives with a failing forward mentality. They might fail, but they persevere. With this mindset, Aries rarely regards the needs and safety of others, which can lead to self-serving habits.

Although this sign is quick to fall in love and will do so with a raging passion, they are even quicker to win an argument. Just like the ram, they are a force to be reckoned with. They will never sugar coat their feelings towards a situation or person, which can cause more sensitive signs to feel reluctant when they see conflict arise. Other signs are advised to beware of the Aries hot temper; however, the Aries personalities are easily calmed down once they are given some time alone. It can be difficult for Aries to keep a large social circle around them, as they are frequently misunderstood. This personality trait is harsh, but it is outweighed by their joyous and sprightly spirit.

Aries excel in activities where they are allowed to be competitive, especially physical sports. They become irritated and antsy if they are left without a challenge for too long and will create new forms of entertainment for themselves if they feel bored. When it comes to the professional world, they must have accolades and the ability to feel like they are utilizing all of their skills and expertise.

Aries Romantic Tendencies

When it comes to romance and relationships, Aries is never shy! They are extremely forthcoming with their feelings with little hesitation. While they dote over their romantic partners, they often neglect their self-worth and ensuring that the feelings are reciprocated. They are lusty creatures who constantly desire sexual gratification.

While passion and ecstasy are regarded as talents in the bedroom, Aries often get carried away and might neglect the true feelings of their partner, solely focusing on the physical aspects of the relationship. Taking the time to learn about their partner or accommodating their needs can require too much patience of an Aries, leading them to anger or boredom with the relationship. Aries typically do not thrive in relationships with Libras, which are complete opposites from Aries.

Since Aries are notorious for their competitive and autonomous nature, they often veer away from personalities who are too weak or too overbearing. The Aries man is highly attracted to partners who are out of his league. He will do anything to win over his mate, but if she gives in too soon, the chase is over and he will find a new quest for love. In order to attract the eye of an Aries man, one must appear attractive, yet elusive. The mystery will draw in the Aries and allow him to pursue his love interest. Once the Aries man has found his match, he must feel like he is the winner from time to time, whether it be in arguments or the bedroom. Although an Aries man will be argumentative and pushy at times, he does not need a partner to always back down and submit. This will lead to his ultimate boredom with the “chase.” This may cause passionate and heated arguments, but there is usually a rewarding form of making up later on.

Similarly, Aries women are equally difficult to attract and tie-down. These women are incredibly independent and will not settle down in spirit for the average man. The prospective partner must appeal to her sense of adventure and passion, as she is already pursued by many other people. Her energy is infectious and most people are immediately attracted to an Aries woman. Aries women seek attention from lovers but rarely stick around to form any type of relationship with meaning. Once she finds a partner with whom she desires to stay with, she can become possessive and controlling. This can lead to relationship downfalls if her partner is not patient enough to stick with it. Contrary to Aries men, an Aries woman doesn’t mind having a partner who is equally as powerful as her. She doesn’t have to win every competition, but she does need to feel like her partner is on the same frequency as her.

When it comes to romantic relationships, most signs are immediately attracted to Aries. Unfortunately, there are some signs with which Aries is limited when it comes to strong compatibility. Aries are extremely compatible with Libra, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Gemini.

Aries in the Social World

Aries’s social skills are built early on in life with their families. Most Aries are aware of their direction in life in early childhood, which can prove to be a difficult concept for some parents who may wish for a different future for their children. Aries can be perceived as challenging children for parents who do not know how to deal with the strong-willed child.

When parenting an Aries child, it is important to provide bountiful comfort, affection, and attention, or they will have trouble reciprocating that in their adult relationships. Aries children thrive with challenges but do not always respond well to strict rules. Letting Aries feel like they have freedom and competition is a healthy approach to parenting.

Aries is quick to meet and befriend people, but these encounters tend to be short-lived, as Aries quickly dismiss people with whom they become discontented. However, they are loyal to their true friends. The success of the Aries friendship might have something to do with their blunt honesty while still remaining playful and joyous in nature.

Aries avoids friends who try to compete or win in the friendship. They do not like to be outshined or out of control. They are compatible with easy-going and less confident signs, although they are usually initially attracted to strong-willed people because they see it as a competition to be won. These friendships usually do not last once the Aries feel like the chase is over.

On the flip side, Aries can have trouble attracting lasting friends if they are too assertive. Aries have the tendency to come off as too needy or controlling at the beginning of friendships, as they might request to hang out too often or come off as too forward with their feelings. While many signs respect this and appreciate Aries’s honesty, some can feel overwhelmed with such a fast and tumultuous friendship. A wise Aries will tone down their approach when they sense that a new acquaintance is on the quiet side or is hesitant towards their advances.

Aries in the Workplace

It is no surprise that most Aries are extremely successful in the workplace, as they are natural self-starters and go-getters. Any career which involves a steadfast and persistent attitude suits Aries. Aries loves a sales-centered work environment, as the challenging atmosphere and competition drive them to succeed beyond their peers. They also gravitate towards careers that send an adrenaline rush such as first aid response positions. Some other typical careers where you will spot an Aries are professional sports, real estate, management positions, law enforcement, or healthcare.

When it comes to team sports or work projects, Aries usually takes the lead. They are happy to lead alongside a companion, but only if their counterpart exudes courage and determination. If Aries perceives their partner is lacking in fortitude, they will take over the project and refuse help.

A major driving force for Aries to work so hard is their money spending habits. If they have a meaningful and competitive reason to save money, they will. However, their relationship with money is similar to their romantic relationships: fast and fleeting. They will purchase an item of any amount if it catches their eye. Paying for the object is no issue though, as they are willing to put in the work to compensate for their spending behavior.

Health and Herbs for Aries

When one peruses through Zodiac signs, herbal remedies are not always the first result to appear. However, there are a few main herbs that will greatly benefit Aries in times of medical need. If Aries is struggling with unevenness in hormones or health, stinging nettles are a plant under Mars’s rule. Naturally, the benefits of stinging nettles include reducing inflammation and purifying blood. Another favorable treatment for Aries is aloe vera. Since Aries is a fire sign, aloe vera can quickly counter the heat of the Ram. Since Aries are a wild personality, they are often subject to cuts and scrapes, so aloe is an essential medicine to have on hand. Juice from this plant is also extremely healing for Aries and can help prevent bursts of erratic behavior. Many Arians are prone to headaches, migraines, and sinusitis. Peppermint provides a helpful cure for Aries and works wonders when applied topically to pressure points on the body including the temples, earlobes, back of the neck, and soles of the feet.

Some other beneficial plants for Aries include basil, chervil, wormwood, and geranium. When cooking, there are several herbs which Aries can incorporate into their dishes. Garlic is one of the main ingredients that is commonly used, but it is also ruled by Mars. Garlic has several health benefits, but its anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for Aries.

Aries Aspiration

The famous mantra of Aries is the phrase “I am.” Although it may seem vague to some, it is the essence of Aries. The bold statement “I am” coins the Aries’ strong and individual personality. Aries arm themselves with this phrase as they blast through life’s ambiguities with certainty and confidence in their abilities.

The Aries way can be influential in the house of Aries for signs who are in need of strength and motivation to move through life with ambition. Whether it is gaining strength through competition or creating a trail of leadership for others to follow, there is no doubt that the Aries sign lives up to its full mantra.