Pisces zodiac sign

Pisces is the final sign of the astrological calendar, known for being sensitive and intuitive. It’s the ultimate water sign, governed by Neptune and ruled by a sense of fairness and empathy towards others. If you’re a Pisces, you are probably very in tune with others’ emotions around you and sometimes may struggle to put yourself first.

Qualities That Make You Shine

Pisces runs deep. They are among the most intuitive and sensitive of all of the zodiac signs and tend to shine with their selflessness and compassion towards others. Pisces forgive and forget easily and tend to attract a wide variety of different friends. They are genuine people who never expect anything in return for a favor, although this can leave them open to others taking advantage.

Pisces would do anything for their friends and make very loyal romantic partners. They are known for their measured wisdom and their ability to see all sides of any given problem. Tolerance and kindness are two qualities that embody nearly every Pisces.

Your Sign’s Challenges

Sometimes all of that emotion poses challenges, especially when it causes Pisces to freeze up in stressful situations. One of the biggest problems for people who fall under this sign is indecisiveness. This indecisiveness can cause Pisces to run from conflict, appearing lazy or disorganized in the process. This quality is especially detrimental in the workplace.

Pisces can also fall into the self-pity trap or develop elaborate fantasies about circumstances that aren’t rooted in reality. They can also create drama out of nothing without knowing it because they assume the worst. Since Pisces tend to be so emotionally charged, they can easily get overwhelmed and may overcommit to obligations.

Your Love Life

Pisces don’t usually do well in the casual dating game. They enjoy long-term partners that are able to reciprocate their love back to them. Since Pisces tend to fall hard and feel deeply, they can easily get hurt in romantic relationships. For this reason, Pisces should learn to guard their hearts.

Romantically speaking, the best signs for Pisces are Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus and Cancer.

Family and Friends

Pisces make good and loyal friends, although they tend to put the needs of other people well ahead of their own. They can be easily taken advantage of if they put their faith in the wrong person, so it’s important for Pisces to remember that not everyone is as kindhearted and genuine as they are. The friendships that Pisces tends to develop are deep and usually last for a lifetime.

Similarly, most Pisces have deep familial bonds because they work at their relationships and try hard to cultivate and grow them. 

Your Approach To Work

Pisces are born artists. Their sensitivity, intuition and love of beauty make them well suited for these kinds of jobs. Most Pisces are not good with numbers crunching and tend to stay away from fields where there is a lot of stress. Pisces make very good caregivers, nurses, and teachers. 

At work, Pisces need to set firm boundaries with coworkers. Their empathetic side can get them easily sucked into workplace drama, and they can quickly find themselves embroiled in conflicts that have nothing to do with them. These sorts of entanglements can waste time or get over-sympathetic Pisces in trouble with management.

Signs Pisces Are Most Compatible With

There are certain signs that Pisces gets along excellently with. When it comes to romance, friendship, or familial ties, these signs are best suited to a smooth relationship with a Pisces.


Aquarius people are innovative and compassionate, which blends perfectly with Pisces’ empathy and intuition. The two signs can amplify each other’s best qualities and create wonderful things together. Aquarius can be a little more independent than Pisces, so the two signs must communicate about how best to run the relationship and what each person needs to feel secure and happy.


Although Aries is much more intense than Pisces, the two are exceptionally creative and generous, meaning that they share important core values that they can use to build a loving and fruitful relationship. Although they are not the most compatible of signs, they certainly are more on the positive side than the negative one. Aries and Pisces are two sides of the same coin and generally have the same end goal in common.


Cancers are almost as sensitive as Pisces, which means that the two signs will rarely get irritated with one another for being “overly emotional”. Cancers tend to be more homebodies than Pisces, so if the two signs get together in a romantic relationship, expectations must be set. Aside from this small difference, expect smooth sailing between the two. Cancer and Pisces relationships, friendships, and familial ties are almost always based on mutual love and loyalty.


Taurus’ patience is a great match for Pisces sensitivity. Taurus tends to take Pisces with a grain of salt and will return the loyalty and compassion that Pisces is famous for showing. Occasionally Taurus and Pisces will clash, but these fights are not as catastrophic as they are with other signs in the zodiac.


Virgos make ideal romantic companions for Pisces because they tend to complement each others’ positive qualities perfectly. Virgos are just as compassionate and empathetic as Pisces, but they tend to show it a little bit differently. Although Virgos operate with skepticism earlier in relationships, once they are invested in their partner, they tend to be very loyal. Also, Pisces’ ability to show kindness and genuine caring can bring down Virgo’s walls pretty easily.


Capricorns are practical and logical, a great counterbalance to Pisces’ dreamy and intuitive nature. The two are great companions because Capricorns can ground their Pisces friends and partners, and Pisces can influence Capricorns to think outside of the box.

Signs Pisces Are Least Compatible With

These signs are oil to Pisces’ water and don’t make the best pairings from an astrological perspective. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but these matches were not set in the stars.


Since Leo is the ultimate fire sign and Pisces represents water, it’s no wonder that these two tend to clash. They are opposites at nearly every level, although they can work together in a pinch. At their cores, both Leos and Pisces are generous and good, but their huge difference in personalities overshadows this. Leos tend to steamroll over Pisces, and they see Pisces as being overly sensitive and unable to make decisions. On the other hand, Pisces see Leos as brash and self-centered.


Pisces don’t get along so well with the twins of the zodiac. Geminis are air signs, and a partnership between the two tends to be more on the unstable side. Geminis can run both hot and cold, a quality that tends to frustrate and hurt Pisces. For these two signs to mesh, they need to have a relationship or friendship built on solid ground rules.


Like Geminis, Libras are air signs, and they don’t work well with the water-based Pisces. Libras love rules and find Pisces to be flaky or too cavalier when it comes to the way that things ought to be done. Libras can also see the world in black and white and dislike how Pisces thinks in shades of grey. 


Scorpios can be intense, which is generally too much for your average Pisces. In relationships, Scorpios may retaliate when they feel jealous and insecure, and Pisces can feel like they are painted into a corner. A Pisces might even become self-pitying, which will just inspire rage in the Scorpio. Scorpios tend to see Pisces as too sensitive, and Pisces can see Scorpios as too aggressive. Although they might have a fiery spark, in the beginning, it’s best for Pisces and Scorpios not to get romantically entangled.


Sagittariuses ooze confidence and sometimes can see Pisces as being too fragile for them. This sign is known for being dynamic and assertive, so Pisces’ inability to decide quickly can cause a lot of annoyance. From the Pisces perspective, Sagittariuses are too impulsive and unpredictable. There’s a big difference in communication styles as well. Sagittariuses tend to be far more blunt and direct, which can read as rude to your average Pisces. The two can get along in work relationships, friendships, and even romantic endeavors, but both parties have to put in a lot of work.

Although the stars might not align between Pisces and some of the signs in the zodiac, it’s important to remember that everyone is an individual. Just because someone happens to fall under a less compatible star sign doesn’t mean that Pisces people can’t have fruitful and good relationships with them. 

Neptune As A Ruling Planet

Pisces’ ruling planet is Neptune, named for the Roman god of the sea. This dreamy planet is often associated with mental development and exploration, intuitive nature, and dreams. Those born under this planet also tend to be more emphatic, with some people even qualifying as empaths; or those who are especially in tune with others’ emotions. Empaths can actually feel the emotions of other people, and sometimes animals, as keenly as they feel their own, which can sometimes lead to them being labeled as overly sensitive. We are just now scratching the surface of what it means to be an empath.

Neptune is one of the most spiritual planets, representing the flow of energy in all of its forms. It also governs our dreams and imagination and is thought to be responsible for helping us intuit things that seem far beyond our grasp as people. Neptune represents the intersection between our imaginative world and our real world, which makes sense, as Pisces tend to live in a dream world of their own creation for at least some of their lives.

Important Dates For Pisces

The important days for Pisces will shift every year, depending on the position of the planets in the sky. They will also depend on what house you were born in. Learning more about your astrological chart’s specifics is a great way to delve further into what you can expect.

Lucky Moons

Look at the date you were born to determine when you are the luckiest, according to the moon. Those born in the later weeks of February, the very beginning of the Pisces sign, are luckiest during the new moon. Those born in the last week of February and early March will find their luck improving during the moon’s second quarter. If you were born in mid-March, the full moon is your luckiest time. Those born at the end of the Pisces sign are luckiest during the fourth quarter of the moon.

Pisces’ lucky number is four, so your lucky dates correspond with the number four. Of course, the fourth of every month is a lucky date, but so is the 31st because when you add the two numbers together, you get four. You can do this for other dates throughout the month as well.

Pisces will generally experience better luck when Neptune rules the sky, which you can determine by looking at a sky chart and counting the hours from sunrise on. The lucky times of your day will depend largely on where you are in the world and differ day by day. Of course, all of these are just guides and should be used as general parameters for what you can expect.

Pisces In The Upcoming Year

2021 holds plenty of exciting things for Pisces, and although your horoscope will crystalize further as we look to the skies during the upcoming year, here are just a few things that Pisces can expect in the new year.

The time between January and March is an excellent opportunity to pursue a new creative endeavor. If there’s something that you’ve been holding off on, now is the time to invest creativity into it. You might even find some surprise backer or allies. March and April will be lucky months in general for Pisces, and November and December 2021 are excellent times to start making extra money. Many Pisces will find that they have a substantial financial boost during this time.

Pisces tend to be one of the most sensitive, intuitive, and creative signs in the zodiac. Their commitment to their relationships and friendships makes them beloved by just about everyone in their orbit. 






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